Jasper "Jabba Wolf" Russell-Dennis Signature Flavor Deck at Syndicate Store

By: Harry Doust   On: 30 January 2018 

For a multitude of years, Flavor Awakening decks have been the deck of choice, regardless of how or what you rode. With the recent trend of big and square decks, Flavor have listened to what the riders wanted and released the Awakening Jasper deck, a signature deck for Flavor’s New Zealand-based rider, Jasper Russell-Dennis. The second iteration of the Jasper deck, also affectionately nicknamed the Jabba deck by many, is mainly a revision of what was already one of the best “street” decks on the market, and now comes in three sizes (more on that later).

The Flavor Jasper deck looks very similar to its predecessor, keeping the same graphic by Ahnand Unka and the same overall dimensions, however the changes that have been made to the second version of the Jasper v2 deck ensure that this deck is now better than ever and ready to shred without a problem. The dropout system has been revised so that the axle now sits inside the extrusion, against the strongest part of the extrusion. This change was due to the v1s having issues with the rear axle caving in the extrusion, however there were workarounds for this. The brake has also been changed to a bottom-mount brake assembly, which is a change that has been made to all of the new Awakening decks. This means that if you want to ride an Ethic brake, for example, you can do so without modifying the deck to accommodate the bottom-mount braking solution.

Having a deck as big as this means that it has to be heavy, right? Wrong. In its largest 4.8x23.1”/122x587mm form, the Jasper deck weighs in at 1.76kg/3.88lb, including hardware. Along with an 82.5º headtube angle, a massive 16.3”/415mm of footspace and a wheelbase of 25.7”/655mm, you know for a fact that this deck will be the best you have stepped on! You might have noticed that the width of the Jasper v2 is 4.8 inches/122 millimetres, however don’t let that concern you. One of the many advantages of this deck is that while it may not be the widest on top of the extrusion, it is still one of the best grindable widths, which is arguably more important. As mentioned before, Flavor decks have always been loved by its riders, big or small, so what better way to accommodate the large fanbase by giving riders three sizes to choose from? The Jasper v2 now comes in 21.1”/537mm, 22.1”/562mm and the classic size of 23.1”/587mm; all of which come with a width of 4.8”/122mm.

It’s great to see that Flavor is not only improving an already amazing deck, but also helping out the smaller riders by giving them other sizes for the Jasper v2 deck. Definitely consider the Jasper v2 if you’re looking to purchase a deck because once you ride this, you won’t ever look back. And as Flavor team rider Andrew Zamora puts it, “who needs 5-wide?”

Care to take a closer look at the Flavor Scooters Jasper Signature Deck?

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