Justin "Juzzy" Carter Signature Deck at Syndicate Store

By: Harry Doust   On: 29 January 2018 

If you think of the world’s best street riders, surely Justin “Juzzy” Carter comes to mind; so it only seems fair for Madd Gear to give him a signature deck for all of his troubles, and what a deck it is!

At 2.357kg/5.2lb, it’s currently the heaviest deck on the market but that didn’t stop Juzzy doing inwards at the 2017 Sydney Street Jam now did it? The deck is also sized out at 5x22”/127x560mm, but somehow feels much bigger, thanks to its massive 25.6”/652mm wheelbase and 15.35”/390mm of footspace. This means that the Juzzy deck feels oh-so-sweet no matter what or how you ride, especially if you do backside boardslides on sextuple-kink rails.

We know that Justin Carter is one of the best street riders in the world, and his deck definitely copes with the tricks he does! If you think that you need this deck in your life, then you’re not wrong! If you want to purchase one for yourself, or anyone else for that matter, you already know Syndicate Store will have them!

Heard enough? ready to take a closer look at the Juzzy Carter Signature Deck

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