About Us

Syndicate was founded in August 2016 by Scooter Riders Reece Jones and Regan Thompson.
Our business motivation is simple. After a collective 16 years in the Freestyle Scootering Culture (Reece 10+, Regan 6+) It was time to give back to the community that has filled our lives with so much joy. Our business is a front for our Art, The Art of Scootering. We use every opportunity we get to educate and inspire younger (and older) scooter riders to continue pursuing the passion that brings as much joy to their lives as it does to ours. Because we are Scooter Riders ourselves with so many years experience it's only natural that we are the most qualified people in this country to deliver the service that Scooter Riders deserve. 

When you shop at Syndicate you support a family of Scooter Riders that went all-in on their true passion.
Keep the future of this progressing culture in the hands of people who care about it more than anything.
Support Rider Owned.