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Please note: While this Scooter is brand new it will be shipped in plain packaging and not original.
It will also be sent without an owners manual or assembly tools. Assembly tools needed are a good quality 5mm allen key and 6mm allen key.

Addict Scooters Equalizer Complete

There has never been a higher spec scooter at a better price than the Addict Equalizer Complete. Addict has spent every effort since their inception a decade ago to create the most unique and indestructible parts available on the market and now we are blessed with a complete scooter from the masterminds at Addict.

Utilizing their own ingenious design AFT (Arch Flex Technology) all Addict decks including the Equalizer have been developed with a technical angle alignment to dissipate the forces and stress generated by riding impact.  "Learn more about Addict AFT here"

Few things on a scooter are as important as your points of contact and your first point of contact is your Grips!

The Addict Equalizer Complete comes out of the box with the worlds most desirable and comfortable ready to ride grips - The Addict OG Grips.

Nobody knows how (except Addict) but these Grips do not require wearing in, They are as comfortable as a grip can be and only get better with time.

The second point of contact is your Wheels! Ever heard of the first ever Scooter Wheel Company "Eagle Supply"?

Well, in case you haven't - Eagle has been making high-performance Urethane Wheels since 1993 and is without a doubt the most experienced manufacturer of Scooter Wheels on the planet. The Addict Equalizer Complete comes equipped with a pair of 7spoke aluminium core Eagle Chopstick Wheels guaranteed to provide the maximum amount of speed and control possible. "Learn more about the first ever Scooter Wheel company here"

The Equalizer Deck is 5 inches wide by 22.5 inches long making it the first ever full sized street deck on a Complete Scooter. Addict is not scared to push the boundaries and take the lead which is why the Equalizer Deck also features a fully boxed and reinforced front and back with flat sides creating more grind possibilities than we have ever seen on a complete scooter. These dimensions coupled with the previously mentioned Arch Flex Technology in the Equalizer Deck make this complete scooter a certified expert level scooter! 

The Addict Shredder Bars on the Equalizer Complete are heat treated chromoly bars built with durability in mind just like the forged Aluminium Forks that run HIC compression which is the simplest, most stylish and adaptable form of compression for a Complete Scooter.

The Addict Equalizer has clearly raised the bar in the never-ending pursuit of value for money on a Complete Scooter. Get one while they are still available and take your riding to the highest level possible.

Specifications of the Addict Scooters Equalizer Complete:
Total height: 925mm 
Weight: 4.30kg
Bar width: 605mm / 23.8 inches

Bar height: 670mm / 26.37 inches
Bar material: Chromoly
Clamp: Double clamp
Compression system: HIC 
Fork manufacturing process: Forged aluminium 
Deck width: 127mm / 5 inches
Deck length: 572mm / 22.5 inches
Foot space: 395mm / 15.5 inches
Wheel size: 110mm 

SKU 8759
Brand Addict

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