Envy Scooters New S6 2018 Prodigy Complete is in stock now and selling fast!

By: Syndicate Store   On: 8 November 2017 

The Envy Scooters S6 2018 Prodigy Complete Scooter is in stock now and selling fast!
Below you'll see pictures of the full S6 2018 Prodigy range with technical specifications at the bottom.
Simply click any of the photo's and you'll be taken to the Envy Prodigy section of our Complete Scooters Category.
Syndicate is the only shop in Australia that offers a bar cutting service allowing customers to make sure their Complete Scooter is the perfect fit!
Thats the kind of service you deserve for shopping at Australia's Only Rider Owned Scooter Shop.

Now offering so you can Buy Now, Pay Later. With no interest ever!

FREE SHIPPING  on Complete Scooters or $10 OFF Express Shipping - Automatically applied during checkout.

WHAT is so special about the Envy Prodigy?
We hear this question a lot! and the answer is simple. Everything. Every individual part on the Envy Prodigy surpasses others in its price range.
The Grips have a thoughtful and comfortable design and come in an impressive colour combination.
The Prodigy Bars have lightweight gussets to support the already strong 4130 Heat Treated Chromoly Bars.
The Envy Double Clamp features weight reducing cut outs but is more than enough power to clamp the bars to the new Envy S6 2018 Prodigy Forks.
The Forks are IHC which is an incredibly simple yet functional fork design that guarantees easy use and maintenance for the rider.
The Wheels are the Prodigy 120mm Wheels meaning they are bigger, smoother and faster than most standard wheels.
The Envy 2018 S6 Prodigy Deck features front and back nylon plugs protecting the rider from sharp corners and prolonging the life of the deck too.
The Prodigy Deck was the first Complete Scooter Deck marketed towards younger riders to step up and provide a wider 4.7" deck making tricks easier for younger riders than ever before. 

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