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By: Keedan  

Bar Material

There are currently 3 Materials to choose from for Scooter Bars.

The first and most common being Steel.
Steel is the heaviest and strongest options. Most Street Scooter riders ride steel bars because of their ability to hold up to strenuous drops from stairsets or grinds down handrails. It's common for Street Riders to prefer the added weight in their barspins so they don't feel too out of control, also. If you aren't trying to fit the most barspins in a single jump possible, than you shouldn't have an issue riding Steel.

The second is Aluminium.
Aluminium has been around for even longer than steel, from when scooters were still fold-ups. The reason for this being, it is extremely lightweight. Aluminium has always been great for kids scooters, due to it being easier to throw around and learn tricks. Steel ended up taking Aluminiums place for a while, until brands began to bring it back with thicker material than the steel bars so they can hold up longer. Now Aluminium bars are a lot stronger than previous years, and still the lightest option. If you purchase Aluminium Bars, be aware that, although they are oversized on the outside, they have the inner diamter of a standard sized bar and will only work with compression systems like SCS or IHC. Not HIC like you may assume when seeing the oversized outer diameter.

The third and newest material is Titanium.
Titanium has strength comparable to steel, and weight comparable to aluminium. Titanium has been a huge development in scootering. Park riders were the first to really take the material serious, due to it being as light as aluminium bars but outlasting them by double the time. Street riders also dabble in titanium bars who prefer to ride more technically and less heavily. Their higher price point can be overwhelming, but for how lightweight they are, the durability is phenomenal!

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