Syndex - Bar Width

By: Keedan Mitchell  

Bar Width

The width of bars has a little to do with ability, and a lot to do with comfort.

The wider a bar is, the more leverage you have to spin tailwhips, and the more speed you can gain without getting the oh so deadly speed wobbles!
A narrow bar allows you to throw barspins quicker, and gives you a more centered riding stance which can help you navigate your scooter more precisely. If you've seen riders like Levi Knight and Kai Saunders, you'll see that a narrow bar width is a common factor for those doing crazy precision rides and 50-50 grinds.

However, despite what is stated above, you will see a lot of variation in bar widths and the trick selection doesn't always coordinate completely. Sometimes riders just like their hands to sit in certain positions regardless of how much harder it makes their preferred trick selections.

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