Syndex - SCS Compression

By: Keedan Mitchell  

SCS Compression

SCS is the most common Compression System in street scootering. It is generally viewed as the most reliable, and the most straight forward.
SCS consists of the fork and clamp, a cap and bolt, and a bar with no slit cut in the bottom.
The simplicity behind SCS is a very desireable factor. No compression sleeves required, and no slits in bars which can create points that cracks can start.

The reason SCS Clamps all have 4 bolts, is that the forks sit in the bottom half, and the bars sit on a ridge which keeps them in the top half. SCS definitely weighs more than other compressions, but not by a massive amount if you choose the right parts. Yes it's a bigger clamp, but there isn't any compression sleeves underneath and an SCS Fork is usually shorter than a HIC or IHC Fork.

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