Syndex - Weight

By: Keedan Mitchell  


The weight of your scooter is completely preferential. A light scooter is almost always preferred, due to an increased ability to manouvre the scooter with ease. However, a heavy scooter/scooter part usually implies that it is stronger. More material means a lesser liklihood of any cracks or bends.

Based on your own riding style, what do you think you would prefer?
Are you jumping down sets of stairs, or are you riding flat ledges and trying to get your tech on?
Do you want to be able to flip your scooter around with ease or do you like to feel a bit of weight behind your tricks for added leverage and stability?
Do you care about longevity or are you in a position where scooter parts can be more disposable for the sake of having something lighter?

These are the type of questions you need to ask yourself when establishing what weight range you want your scooter to sit in.

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