Syndex - Bar Height

By: Keedan Mitchell  

Bar Height

The right bar height is different for young kids than the older guys out there.
For a growing child getting a complete scooter, we recommend the bars sit at about your belly button.
You want them to be as high as you can so you don't grow out of them too quickly, but any higher than the belly button and it will make riding at a skatepark very hard.

For more advanced riders, it comes down to preference, but there are definitely technical benefits to different sizes.
A shorter bar is able to be pulled up higher, making for higher hops, it allows you to ride through tighter transition without the bars pressing into your chest, and  you can spin tricks like briflips around quicker due to the shorter turning circle.

A taller bar is more comfortable. No need to bend down constantly and your arms sit in more comfortable position.

You'll need to try out some different heights for you to find your perfect measurement. 

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