Syndex - Wheel Diameter

By: Keedan Mitchell  

Wheel Diameter

The Diameter of the wheel is the height of the wheel.

The bigger this is(120-125mm), the more fast and comfortable your ride will be, and the bigger your balance point is in manuals. It has you up higher off the ground which is good for riding bowls so your deck doesn't scrape, but it does make your center of gravity higher and reduces the stable feeling that comes with being closer to the ground. Bigger wheels also make it less likely for your wheels to slip over the rail when doing grinds like 50-50's and hurricanes.

Smaller diameters(110-115mm) are more common because they have been the standard for longer and a lot of riders are just used to it. Its hard to put into words how being closer to the ground feels better, but it just does. Maybe its something to do with our eyes not being used to a higher vantage point. Smaller wheels help with doing over-50 and predator grinds as you dont have to hop as high to get your wheels over the rail.

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