Park Review: Ashgrove

By: Reece Jones   On: 21 February 2019 

Our new series

Welcome to our new Park Review series. Through these videos/blogs, we hope to help our locals find and explore new parks in their area. We plan to continue this series, eventually forming a database of worthy Skateparks. 

Ashgrove skatepark 
Location: Dorrington Park, next to Frasers Road, Ashgrove, QLD (15.5km's from Syndicate)
Facilities: Water tap, shelter w/ tables and chairs, BBQ, parklands. 
Transport: Easiest to drive. Otherwise the nearest bus stop is Stewart Rd at Frasers Bridge. 
Skill: Beginner - Expert 

Completed in August of last year, Ashgrove Skatepark is one of Brisbane's newest "street style facilities". It's small in size but the placement of obstacles provides a good flow. A quarter pipe at one end and a mellow street quarter at the other keeps you going between the various curbs, ledges and an A frame rail. It has a circuit design to be ridden any way. You can go round n round 'til you get that trick, or reach exhaustion. Because of it's size, it gets tricky to ride with a large number of riders. The smaller curbs are great for beginners while a more advanced rider will appreciate the A frame rail, there's something for all skill levels. But beware of the slipperiness! We know from experience that it will only get better, it's just the fresh paint. 

Watch Cam and Regans ride and review below and keep an eye out for more! 


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