Aztek Scooters: The Bay Area

By: Reece Jones   On: 10 May 2018 

Aztek is one of the leading companies when it comes to product progression. With such quality Parts comes gnarly riders putting them to the test. 5 Aztek riders hit the Bay of San Francisco for just 1 week and this video is the outcome. It's always pleasing to see consistency in quality when a crew of riders comes together for a collective project. Enjoy 8 minutes of heavy spot shredding and a small park interlude from a bunch of unique styles. 
Featuring Mike Hohmann, Dan Barrett, Jack Mount, Anton Abramson, Phela Durosinmi. 
The timing is right, we've just re-stocked on a few different Aztek Decks including Logan Fuller's Signature! Get your Aztek parts from Syndicate and support rider owned. 


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