By: Reece Jones   On: 6 December 2018 


The street jam has been an annual happening for past 5 years now and this one has gotta be one of the most memorable. A lot faces showed up, old and new, and we saw the same spots get ridden like never before. We planned for the spots to all be in public spaces to avoid even more attention from the cops, as we knew they'd be onto us quickly because of last years catastrophe. They co-operated with us well and the day went smoothly with a warm up at Paddington Skatepark, then to the first spots at Roma Street where we saw the kinked rail get destoyed, followed by an outledge at Cathedral Square, we had a quick food stop and rode over the Story Bridge to the Kangaroo Point ledges/blocks. The energy at this spot was amazing. A special mention to Alex Woodbridge for sending the unfathomable gap, and not slowing down for the whole day. After KP we trekked to the usual last spot at Botanical Gardens, a 14 stair handrail with a huge outledge aswell, shoutout to Nathan Fleming and Brad from Melbourne! I'll leave the rest to the video. Thanks for your support :D 

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