Devin Pelphrey Signature Bar promo | Ride Affinity

By: Reece Jones   On: 28 March 2018 

Ride Affinity isn't in our industry only to provide high quality Bars. They are a family of scooter riders with a passion for riding and creating products that won't let down their fellow riders. Their team of riders are the same dudes producing those clean welds and slick powdercoating jobs Affinity is known for. It's their life.
Devin Pelphrey prepares and powdercoats thousands of Bars for Affinity along with his own Signature model. He's just released this promo video showing off his translucent red Bars with style. Check out his video below for some highspeed gnar and go cop some Bars. 
While you're on the Affinity channel, we recommend also watching their recent uploads of shredding from Jon DeVrind, Anton Abramson & Elliot Arnold! 
Get a closer look at Devin's Bars on our webstore and support what's real.



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