Dissidence Coalition V2 : Winning Video

By: Reece Jones   On: 16 May 2018 

If you haven't heard about Dissidence, they're a core, rider owned shop based in Paris and for the last few years they've been holding some of the biggest annual street jams until now. 

Dissidence decided to change it up and created the Coalition which has just gone down for the second time! Some of the best street riders from all over the globe formed teams of 4 and spent 1 week in Barcelona filming the gnarliest tricks on the gnarliest spots possible. Whichever team produces the best video wins. 

Our guy Kai Saunders AKA Saundezy was one of these selected riders and along with his heavy hitting team they managed to make the winning video. He had Nick Tedrick, Didine Terchague, and Jake Sorensen on his team with Rudy Garcia behind the camera. If you've heard these names before you could've predicted the win, but looking at the rest of the teams made it a hard call. These guys just raised the level of scootering in 1 week and you need to watch. wow. 


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