Ethic Dryade Bar Overview

By: Reece Jones   On: 17 July 2018 

Reece's informs you about his favourite aluminium Bar we have in-store at the moment!

Ethic's Dryade Bar has a bunch of features which aren't too common. It's these finer touches which make Dryade's the lightest aluminium Bars we have. Weighing only 801 grams, it's over 100 grams lighter than the rest. The Bars taper at the ends of the crossbar to save weight and also fit standard bar ends. The entire steer tube is fluted too, saving weight where it can be. They measure to a comfortable 675mm tall by 585mm wide and feature a slight backsweep of 3 degrees. The Dryade Bar comes with an insert so you can run SCS right away. Otherwise, IHC works too, just remember you need an oversized clamp! 
Treat yourself to the Dryade Bars here!

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