Ethic DTC Athens Trip

By: Reece Jones   On: 13 September 2018 

The Lindworm V3 passed the test.

Just like their Parts, Ethic DTC takes a lot of care in producing videos. Earlier in the year, they sent two of their heavy hitters Elliott Arnold and Auguste Pellaud to Athens in Greece. This video was filmed during the testing phases of their newly released Lindworm V3 Deck, and it passed! Enjoy Elliotts ridiculously large gaps and Auguste's freaky handrail tricks while they explored Athens. 

We're stoked to have the Lindworm V3 Deck available to you! It's now 5.5 inches wide in either 21.9 or 23.2 inch lengths. Despite the larger size, Ethic has managed to keep the weight down, like Ethic does best. Check out the Decks here: Support a rider owned company through our rider owned store! 


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