Ethic Lindworm V3 Deck Overview

By: Reece Jones   On: 28 June 2018 

Version 3 of Ethic's classic Lindworm Deck has arrived and we're hyped!

These new and improved Lindworm V3 Decks now provide a huge 5.5" of width on top and come in two appropriate lengths of 21.9" (560mm) and 23.2" (590mm). Although the Deck tapers towards the underside, you've still got 5.1" width of grinding surface to work with. Like most Ethic products, the smart design of these Lindworm V3 Decks allows them to be as big as they are without being too heavy. The Lindworm V3 comes ready to fit 12mm standard wheels but adaptive spacers are also included for common 8mm axles and 24mm wide wheels. 
These beautiful Decks are now available in-store and online at Syndicate! If this sounds like the Deck for you, get to the link and treat yourself right.
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