By: Reece Jones   On: 14 September 2018 

Look out for EVIL

If you saw it you probably remember the "marketing scheme" video from a few months ago. It went for less than 2 minutes and left me wanting more. The EVIL Corporation has now released another 10 minutes of amazing work. They've included clips you only saw brief snippets of in marketing scheme and what amazing clips they are. Featuring Parrish Issacs, Ryan Ruegg, Jon deVrind, Zack Martin and some surprising newcomers, Mark Williams, Hugo Svare & Luis Oppel. It's awesome to see all of these names in the one video. It's obvious these guys have a vision of how they want to express themselves as riders/a brand and I'm stoked to be a witness. Props to Parrish for the filming and editing, the vibes are real. Enjoy this one! You're about to get hyped on scootering.  



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