Kai Saunders | Volume 2

By: Reece Jones   On: 2 March 2018 

How does he do it? Practise? Diet? Faith? Kai Saunders managed to produce yet another insane video part for Phoenix Pro Scooters in just 3 months. Kai's commitment to 5050's is seriously mind-boggling and he's always got something new for you. His next level tricks and progression is what we need to inspire the future of scootering. If it wasn't for videos like this, you'd never know what was possible on a scooter! 
We're thankful to know and have Kai a part of the Syndicate family. He has a 20% discount code running at the moment. Lurk his Instagram and save on your next order @saundezy  

Song: Pond - Paint Me Silver 


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