marketing scheme - EVIL CORPORATION

By: Reece Jones   On: 12 June 2018 

In this fast world of Instagram clips and daily uploads, sometimes we forget how much more there can be to a video. Visual editing, filming techniques, thoughtful tricks related to spots, and a suitable, syncronised song to hold it all together. These aspects are all important to create an enjoyable experience yet many riders are taking the quicker route and focusing on not much more than releasing clips. 
Evil Corporation is a mysterious new thing made up of riders, Parris Issacs, Jon DeVrind, Zack Martin & Ryan Ruegg. These guys seem to be taking their time on this project and it's definitely worth it. I don't know anything about it but it's exciting to see these dudes collectively create something scootering needs. Watch their first video and get hyped! Follow the Evil Corporation on Instagram @the.evilcorp  


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