NATIVE and Evil present: "CINDERBLOCK"

By: Kevin Austin   On: 26 July 2021 


We are pleased to announce the release of Native's first video project based in the United States “CINDERBLOCK”. The video showcases some new faces affiliated with the brand such as Ezra Brauser, Nate Gendron, Mark Williams and as expected for some Parish Isaacs. Filmed and produced by Parrish through the northeastern United States, you can expect to see a wide variety of untouched spots, matched with style and a great trick selection. With Parish behind the lense, and a strong inlfuence of Evil Corp shines through encapulating personalties, emotion and an overall good feel. What a great segway to introduce some new faces to the brand and also pave the way for Native's presence outside of Australia.

 Also featuring riding from Trevor Prichard, Joshua Madrano, and Salvador Gonzalez this is a must watch!



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