By: Reece Jones   On: 3 October 2018 

Flemongo is a machine

Our longtime friend Nathan Fleming has stuck to his style of sending it and stacking clips, video after video... This time to promote the release of his updated signature fork, the Flemongo II by NATIVE.  

I had the pleasure of piecing together Nathan's gnarly clips he collected mostly throughout his trip in Sydney mixed with some Brisbane spots. He's an all-terrain shredder who can make a video pretty quickly given the variety of spots he's capable of tackling. So sit back and enjoy the works of our family! Cop a Fork, support a brother and a dream. 

These wonderful new NATIVE Flemongo II Forks have just arrived in-store here at Syndicate.
Come in-store or find them online here:

Also available to all other Australian stores through Syndicate Distribution :)


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