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By: Harry Doust   On: 3 February 2018 

After a hiatus in the scootering industry, Australian brand NATIVE has come back stronger than ever with parts that are better than ever. The owners of NATIVE know that every scooter rider rides different parts to one another, so it made sense that their new Versa fork is compatible with every wheel choice you can think of, from the standard wheel size, to RADIX, to the 12mm axle standard. Nobody else but NATIVE is doing this at the moment, and it’s refreshing to see a company wanting to appeal to riders in every sense.

From a design perspective, the NATIVE Versa fork looks a lot like its predecessor, the Nathan Fleming signature Flemongo fork by Lifeboat; this makes sense as NATIVE and Lifeboat have merged into one company. However, a lot of changes have been made to the fork. The fork now uses an M8 compression bolt, rather than a larger-threaded compression bolt, as the M8 bolt is a stronger alternative and can be replaced easier if broken or misplaced. The Versa fork also comes in three different colourways: matte black, matte black with machined sections and raw. Having a selection of different colours means that your scooter’s colour scheme will be on point, without having to buy lower-quality components.

One of the main selling points of the NATIVE Versa forks is that it is compatible with every single wheel on the market today, and comes with the hardware to suit them all. The Versa fork comes with an 8mm diameter axle and a 12mm axle, as well as spacers for standard 8mm sizes, RADIX wheels and 12mm axle wheels, such as the Ethic Calypso wheels. NATIVE state that the Versa fork is compatible with wheel diameters of up to 130mm, perhaps implying that they could come out with a wheel that size in the future. The Versa fork is also very strong, being made out of 6061-T6 aluminium, while also being lightweight at 265g.

NATIVE have managed to create what is arguably the best aftermarket scooter fork on the market today, in more ways than one. If this is a sign of the quality that NATIVE has to offer, then they are definitely heading in the right direction.

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