NEW: Addict Defender Complete Scooter Overview

By: Reece Jones   On: 30 July 2018 

Some of the best we've ever seen.

Last week you saw the new Addict Equalizer Completes with the best specs we've seen on a scooter coming from a box! For those who thought it was too big for their riding, we introduce to you the Defender. 

These complete scooters share a lot of similar features like the comfy OG Grips, HIC and trusty 110mm Chopstick Wheels supplied by Eagle. The Double Clamp has M8 bolts and 6mm allen heads to keep your compression tight. The smooth style of the Clamp continues to the forged aluminium Fork which is Radix compatible! You can run 30mm wide wheels front and back on these Scooters. 

You'll have no interruptions when it comes to learning tricks with the T Bar design. Sometimes it's better to keep it simple! Made from heat treated cromoly steel, these Bars can take a thrashing. The Bars measure to 580mm (22.8") wide by 665mm (26") tall on the Red and Blue and 605mm on the Gum. 

The Defender Deck is 4.8 inches wide by 21.8 inches long. This design makes it easier to whip around than the Equalizer and we can see park riders enjoying these scooters as much as street. The back end can fit Radix Wheels and it has a solid flex brake. 

The graphic design and colours on these scooters are icing on top!  

Find these next-gen Addict complete's available here! 

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