NEW: Aztek in Australia! Product Overview

By: Reece Jones   On: 3 August 2018 

Here at last!

Syndicate is proud to finally offer you the Siren 2 Deck, Circa Fork and Grips from Aztek Scooters. Us Australians have only been teased through social media until now! The 6 inch wide Siren Decks are in-stock and ready for your progression. As well as the world's lightest "Circa" Fork and their impressive 190mm long Handle Grips. 

Aztek calculated the optimal rib thickness for the perfect amount of softness in their Grips. Horizontal ribs provide more grip and also support the verticle ribs. Your hands will stay in a prime spot thanks to the slight contours at each end. These Grips are the longest we've ever had at 190mm! Now available in Black, Gum & Red.

Find these Grips online here:

Aztek has continued to create the lightest Parts of their kind. Their new Circa Fork weighs only 163 grams, excluding hardware (217g with). The slick design is made from 7075 cold-forged aluminium. The Fork tube is butted to save even more weight while maintaining strength. 

Take a look at these impressive Forks here:    

The Siren Deck! Well, we skipped the first version, but the new and improved Siren 2 is here! Since having them in-store we've measured them to be 5.9" x 22.8", just so you know. That's the biggest Deck we've ever had in-store! And in Aztek fashion, they've kept the weight as minimal as possible. If you enjoy grinding, this Deck is for you. If you don't enjoy grinding, this Deck will make you. The size will give you more confidence and unlock new trick possibilities. 

Grab one while we still got 'em!

Reece runs you through some further details on these parts in our latest YouTube video: 


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