'No Holiday' Winning Video

By: Reece Jones   On: 18 July 2019 

Ethan Perry!

We decided to challenge our local community over their recent 2 week long school holiday. We announced our 'No Holiday' video assignment at the start of these holidays, asking Queensland riders to film a video at least one minute long, purely in the streets and edit the footage to a song.

We wanted to give riders the chance to create something more memorable than the daily instagram edit and also inspire exploration and creativity throughout our streets. It's what we love most and want more people to experience! 

Congratulations to Ethan Perry for making the winning video. We loved this dudes spot selection and riding style along with the fitting tune. Check out Ethan's video below! 

Thank you to everyone who put their energy towards our challenge, we're grateful for so many entries! We believe everyone who entered gave themselves their own prize by completing a video. This is just the beginning! 

These events wouldn't be possible without your support of our rider owned store! Thank you for shopping with Syndicate. 


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