By: Reece Jones   On: 23 May 2018 

Nothern Limited is one of the few clothing orientated brands in scootering right now and they're killing it. They recently collaborated with New York crew ScooYork to bring you a sweet long sleeve shirt as well as a 2 part video project. It's sick to see a product be more than just that! 
Part 1 has an easy going vibe to it with a slow pace, mellow song and pleasing riding. You really get a taste of the big apple while ScooYork displays their street knowledge. Enjoy riding from Trevor Pritchard, Erik Deptula, Elmer Ferris, Micheal Mankong, Ezra, Zack Clark and Andrew Gibson. 
Part 2 shares a similar vibe to 1 with lots of B-roll and jivey music. The difference is there are only 2 riders and the riding intensifies. Daniel Cardenas & Erik Harkless like to go fast and hop high. They both have great control and an awesome selection of tricks ready for the crusty streets of New York. Enjoy!!

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