TBT: Coedie Donovan Punk Scooters

By: Reece Jones   On: 5 July 2018 

Throwback Thursday is here to remind you of your roots.

I think videos are crucial to the progression of scooter riding and sometimes we need a reminder of what has been done in the past to know what's possible for the future. Sometimes it takes someone doing a trick for the first time to make someone else realise what's possible. And most of the time those tricks cannot be replicated. TBT will highlight legendary riders who've inspired generations of riders to come.  

It only makes sense for the first week of TBT to be Coedie Donovan's Punk Scooters video! This video was released more than 10 years ago, from the time of modified foldable scooters, and it'll still have your jaw droppin'. Coedie can kill every kind of obstacle. He goes huge in the parks and gets technical in the streets. Handplants, flip combos, double briflips and whip front boardslides are just some of his tricks that were far ahead of their time. Respect!!!

Coedie is still pushing down in Sydney too! He's now 29 years old and hasn't seemed to stop progressing in his unique way. He's currently sponsored by District and Eagle (we've just put his Signature Deck into stock!). Follow his Instagram @thanamescoedie and keep up with a scootering god.     

Coedie Donovan's Signature District Deck: https://www.syndicatestore.com.au/district-ht-series-deck-coedie-donovan-signature


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