TBT: Matt McKeen - Revised Part

By: Reece Jones   On: 12 July 2018 

This week's throwback goes to one of the greatest of all time.

Matt McKeen in his Revised Part from the Philly Crew Video Journal! Released in 2008, this video was so far ahead of its time. In fact, if you weld and upsize his scooter, this video could be released and enjoyed today. Matt was one of the first riders I really looked up to (I had a screenshot of that 15 stair handrail as my desktop background when I was like 14) and I think that's because of how cool he made everything look, even on a stock Razor pro model. He wasn't only doing tricks that'd never been done (riding switch and grinding up handrails just to name some early on in the video), he had the style to match. And the spots, and the filmers and that great tune by MGMT! This video is an all-around classic. Matt set the bar for what a full street part should feel like. Thank you for inspiring my rail grinding obsession and so many more riders, Matt McKeen! Watch the cycle go on.

10 years later and Matt is still contributing to scootering in a great way! He has released more full parts over the years with his forever evolving tricks and steeze. He rides for Proto Scooters and River Wheel Co and also helps in the background with things like video editing and team management. Matt has a signature "Lightbringer" SCS Clamp from Proto and "Hold Fast" Rapids from River. Watch his promo videos for these products if you want to see more recent McKeen footage. 

Buy his signature parts and support a scootering legend! 

Find his Proto Lightbringer SCS Clamp available here: 

and his Hold Fast River Rapid Wheels here: https://www.syndicatestore.com.au/river-hold-fast-rapid-wheels-110mm-pair

Keep up with Matt on Instagram @mcspleen 
and us! @syndicate_store_ 

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