TBT: PROTO - Catalyst 2010

By: Reece Jones   On: 19 July 2018 

A full-length scooter video from 2010!

This week's tbt was planned to be Dylan Kasson's Proto Catalyst part from 2010 until I discovered the audio was muted on youtube. I ended up finding the entire full-length on Vimeo and realised Catalyst as a whole is worthy of remembrance.  

Today Proto Scooters are still pushing scootering forward with the parts they make, team riders they have and content they produce. 10 years ago they were doing the same thing! I think Catalyst was the first legitimate full-length video I had seen and watching it again I realised how much impact it had on me, even to my taste in music! The Proto team filmed for 2 years and released this revolutionary video in 2010. 

Watch Proto's Catalyst video for a history lesson. These dudes were unique in their own way and I think that's because they were the first people to be doing these kinds of tricks. They had no one to copy, just raw scootering for the fun and love of it! 

Some of the riders like Brandon Kilbury, Brian Murphy, and Elmer Ferrieras have drifted away from the scooter life but others have stuck to it. Dylan Kasson is now riding for Tilt Scooters, Jon Reyes is on Envy, still balancing, and Dan Barrett now rides for Aztek and Phoenix. These dudes stuck to what they enjoy and made a lifestyle out of it, props! 

PROTO - Catalyst 2010 from Proto Scooters on Vimeo.

Thanks to Proto Scooters for staying true to their cause. They're responsible for inspiring so many riders like me and aren't slowing down. Last year they released Reincarnate, another full-length video filled with the next generation of talented riders, still pushing the limits. Go here to watch that: https://youtu.be/xoKiNw_zBeQ

We're proud to stock Proto Parts here at Syndicate. Check them out and support a rider owned company who are here for the community. https://www.syndicatestore.com.au/?rf=kw&kw=proto


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