This is Scootering : Team USA

By: Kevin Austin   On: 23 June 2021 

Runners Up

Dissidence has always been about creating world-class scootering events, and this year they've switched it up a little. With Covid-19 destroying the hopes of another Coalition event in a single location, Dissidence had to work around traveling prohibitions. Thus, This Is Scootering was born. Consisting of 4 teams - America, Europe, Australia, and International.

This week we have the privilege to share the team USA video! Despite some technical issues and a reduced time frame to complete the video, the American team still showed the world what they are capable of and secured second place in the competition as a result. Although there were some new names in the American team, one that stood out to alot of people was Jason Cheety. For many this would be one of the first appearances of Jason in a dedicated video project and it was great! All the boys killed it in every discipline, Jake Sorenson killing transition and every obstacle in his path to Nick Tedrick and Devin Szydlowski reminding us they are still paving the way for style/speed and trick selection. Not to mention Cody Flom in the mix throwing down some of the craziest park combos to be done, all with ease and style!

I think its safe to say that the USA team had a very well-balanced video with a great range of diversity. From pool riding, to mega ramp, to some of the gnarliest parks and spots throughout the country. This video is a must watch and a great representation of USA scootering!!

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