TILT Crew Collabs

By: Reece   On: 19 November 2018 

For the love

Tilt is continuing to support the core of our scooter community with great efforts. They've collaborated with the Friendly Crew from Sydney and Volare Crew from Minnesota to bring you two amazing videos and two fresh product ranges. Each of these crews naturally create sick content and don't have as much opportunity as companies do to make money. They're simply doing it for the love of scootering. Unfortunately love can't buy camera gear, travel expenses, scooter parts, etc. Tilt is helping these crews grow and inspiring many more with these videos and scooter parts you can buy which directly support these crews. Check them both out below and follow the link in the descriptions to see the product. Brilliant as always. 

TILT x Friendly

TILT x Volare 


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