Trevor Pritchard | Welcome to River

By: Reece Jones   On: 28 February 2018 

BOOM! River Wheel Co welcomes Trevor Pritchard to their team with this brilliant video part.

"From the streets of New Jersey, Trevor's been holding down the East Coast scooter scene for years now. We're stoked to bring him up through the ranks. Welcome to the team homie!" 

Trevor has a great variety of tricks to suit every crusty spot in his path. He's got the hops, speed and style for an all round enjoyable watch. You won't be let down by the soundtrack or filming either! Get hyped! 

Thanks to River for bringing quality products and content to the table. We are a proud to stock these Wheels. 

Song - Keep it Thoro by Prodigy
Edit by John Cottle & Matt McKeen
Filmers: John Cottle Jack Colston Logan Fuller Mike Hohmann




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