Syndex - Ball Bearing Material

By: Keedan Mitchell  

Ball Bearing Material

There are 3 main materials used for ball bearings.

Steel bearings are the industry standard, and are both durable and economical. The quality of the steel can vary. Higher grade steel in premium bearings can make the bearing faster and more durable. The downside of steel is its tendency to rust when exposed to moisture. Steel bearings will not withstand the elements as much as the other options.

Ceramic bearings are harder than steel and deform less when pressure is applied to them. Since they are also heat resistant, they expand less and create less friction at faster speeds. Another benefit is that they do not rust when exposed to moisture, making them great for cruisers and rain boards. The only downside to ceramic bearings is that ceramic itself is a brittle substance. The ceramic is susceptible to breaking if skated under high impact, meaning ceramic bearings are great for commuting and low impact skating, but not ideal for skating big gaps or stair sets.

Titanium is lightweight, durable and highly rust resistant. Bearings made from titanium perform similar to steel bearings, but can last longer due to titanium's strength and resistance to corrosion. Like steel bearings, keep titanium bearings lubricated to reduce excess friction.

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