Syndex - Wheel Base

By: Keedan Mitchell  

Wheel Base

The wheel base is the measurement between the deck's wheel axle, and where the fork axle will sit.

Just like the Length, a longer wheel base gives added pop, balance, and comfort, where as a smaller wheel base allows you and the deck to spin faster and reacts more precicely with 50-50 grinds/precision rides.

The reason we mention this measurement is because it is, what I like to refer to it as, the true length of a deck.
Two decks of the same length can actually differ in wheel base depending on the blunt space, and how long the deck plate's extrusion continues for after the axle. 

The only reason we mention length, is because it is the way every brand market their decks to be simple. But what really matters is wheel base and foot space. Some 23" decks are actually as long as some 22" decks due to the difference of blunt space. So if you really want to know what your deck will feel like, compare the wheel base, not length.

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