This is Scootering : Team Australia

By: Keedan Mitchell   On: 18 June 2021 

Aus Pride

Dissidence has always been about creating world-class scootering events, and this year they've switched it up a little.
With Covid-19 destroying the hopes of another Coalition event in a single location, Dissidence had to work around traveling prohibitions. Thus, This Is Scootering was born. Consisting of 4 teams - America, Europe, Australia, and International.

This week we showcase the Australian Teams submission. 10 of Aus's best are filmed and edited by Dylan Connell, who couldn't have possibly complimented the insane riding any more.

Featuring spots and parks from Melbourne and Brisbane, Team Australia was out destroying anything they found. Long rails, huge drops, big quarters, and some crazy technical spots that require some serious creativity. We couldn't be more stoked to say that these 10 riders represent Australia, they made us all proud!

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