This is Scootering : Team Europe

By: Keedan Mitchell   On: 30 June 2021 

Winning team

Dissidence has always been about creating world-class scootering events, and this year they've switched it up a little. With Covid-19 destroying the hopes of another Coalition event in a single location, Dissidence had to work around traveling prohibitions. Thus, This Is Scootering was born. Consisting of 4 teams - America, Europe, Australia, and International.

This week we showcase the winners of this years This Is Scootering... Team Europe! The movie that these men produced was nothing short of incredible. The level of skill that European scooter riders harbor has astounded the world for as long as scootering has existed. This video perfectly captures the many styles and types of trick selections that vary throughout the continent. The quality of editing by Iris Motion leaves you feeling like you're in a cinema and stood out amongst the entries from all opposing teams.

To put it simply, we can see how the judges came to this conclusion.

Amazing work to all 4 teams, we can't wait to see how this inspires the cultures development in riding, filming and editing form here on out.

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