A Buyers Guide to Complete Scooters

By: Regan Thompson  

Buyers Guide to Complete Scooters

Syndicate Store is Australia’s Rider Owned and Operated Freestyle Scooter Shop.
For years we have poured our lives into growing, nurturing and supporting the Scooter Community with a large emphasis on Street Riding. We can confidently say that there is not another scooter store in Australia owned and operated by people who live and love scootering as much as we do. When you shop at Syndicate you support a family of Scooter Riders that went all-in on their true passion. Thankyou.

This is a Buyers Guide to Complete Scooters written by Syndicate Co-Owner Regan Thompson drawing on over 10 years of Freestyle Scooter Riding, Selling and Manufacturing Experience.

The short version of this Buyers Guide is that a Scooters Total / Overall Height should be 5-10cm lower than the riders belly button. This is based on statistical analysis performed on a number of our team riders and friends.

The 2 most important measurements to consider when purchasing a Complete Scooter is the Scooters Overall / Total Height and the Scooters Deck Length.

Overall / Total Height
Lets focus on getting the right height.
Stand up straight whilst wearing your riding shoes and measure directly from the ground to your belly button.
Once you have a Floor-to-Belly Button measurement your basically done.
Compare that measurement against the Total / Overall Height of the scooter you are considering purchasing  and ensure that the Total / Overall Height of the Scooter is roughly 5-10cm shorter than your belly button height.
For younger riders prone to growth spurts you could go as high as 2.5cm lower than the belly button but this will result in the scooter feeling slightly taller than the optimal size until the rider does have a growth spurt.
Tip: If unsure about overall height aim on the side of taller. If you buy a scooter that features SCS Compression such as the NATIVE Stem than you can always cut the bar height down if its too tall.

Deck Length
The Deck Length on Complete Scooters is generally dictated by the Overall / Total Height.
So if you’re looking at a Complete Scooter that is a suitable height for you than the Deck Length should be good for you too.  

We have a detailed Buyers Guide to Scooter Decks here that dives deeper into the differences among Scooter Decks but this is usually used when you are specifically purchasing a deck on its own.

The lighter the scooter, the easier it will be to manipulate. After making sure the scooter is the right size for you have a browse around our site and compare weights. Different bar materials and varying styles of manufacturing can change the weights of complete scooters of the same size. While light weight feels great, a heavier scooter of similar size will often be stronger due to thicker/stronger materials used.

We hope this Buyers Guide will help you to choose the right size Complete Scooter ensuring you can also experience the true and pure joy that we have found in Scootering.

If you have any suggestions for this guide or want to know anything more about an individual product on our website please email contact@syndicatestore.com.au