A carefully curated range of high-end Freestyle Scooters from Australia's Rider Owned Scooter Shop

Syndicate Store is Australia’s Rider Owned and Operated Freestyle Scooter Shop.
For years we have poured our lives into growing, nurturing and supporting the Scooter Community with a large emphasis on Street Riding. We can confidently say that there is not another scooter store in Australia owned and operated by people who live and love scootering as much as we do. When you shop at Syndicate you support a family of Scooter Riders that went all-in on their true passion. Thankyou.

Make an informed decision by reading our Buyers Guide to Complete Scooters here.
The short version of this Buyers Guide is that a Scooters Total / Overall Height should be 5-10cm lower than the riders belly button. This is based on statistical analysis performed on a number of our team riders and friends.