Bench top fun for all the homies stuck inside right now

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32mm wide Fingerboard Complete setup.

Just a bit of bench top fun for all the homies stuck at home in lock down.

Includes: Deck, Foam Griptape, Trucks, Wheels + All necessary tools for assembly and maintenance.
(includes spare hardware)

These will be shipped un-assembled as pictured.
They are a little tricky to put together because everything is so miniature but it is a rather simple process overall.
The bolts screw right into the trucks (through the deck) and the wheels slide onto the truck axles and are held on by a tiny hex nut.
The foam griptape is applied to the deck and then filed back (with a nail file) until you are scraping the wood. See tutorial here.

Don't tighten 1 truck bolt all the way and then go onto the next. Tighten each one a tiny bit and make your way around the truck a couple times.

SKU 9800_7
Brand Syndicate

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